Butham Muthyalu is a versatile Telangana writer with handful of writings to his credit. Dugili (Dalit Poetry-2003), Maala Vaari Charitra (History of Maala sect), Soora (2004) Iguram (2012) , Mogali (2016) (Novels), Niyati (2014 – Auto Biography), Purudu (2007), Begari Kathalu (2010) , Bugaada (2014), Dagdham (2016) (Short Stories) and Maandalikam (Vrutthi Padakosam – 2013) are his literary works. All these writings specifically projects atrocities on dalits. He is an arrogant and aggressive writer in terms of theme & content. Any genre he choose, he is highly expressive and visible as a writer.

Teaching is his profession and writing is his passion. All his writings speaks pain , agony of Dalits and marginalisation of Dalit community socially , economically & Politically. Writing poetry, short stories & novels are his main literary activities. Butham Muthyalu is an artist too. As a school teacher , art enhanced his communicative skills in teaching.

We can see figurative language in his writings. Identifying the problems of Dalit community and placing them in present scenario is commendable. His poetry is emotional texture carries abundant experience and responsibility towards society. He is an ample example who holds pain and reflects it through literature. Injuries hang in every word of his writings and articulates the discrimination in human relations.He beholds humanity for existence of Dalit community.

Being a follower of Ambedkar, he writes for community and spreads Ambedkarism. To emulate the disparities & discrimination in society Muthyalu used Ambedkarism as literary weapon to fight with powerful persons of the society, who have greater opportunities.

Let us epitomise the writings of painful path projected by Butham Muthyalu and try to understand the depth of his writings where one can be captured by phrases, metaphors with original Telangana dialect. This exemplifies the eternal beauty of Telangana language and literature.

Prof.K.Asha jyoti
Dept of Telugu
Jnana Bharati Campus
Bangalore University
Bengaluru – 560056